1.       Department Updates

Emergency Management is currently working with FEMA to submit paperwork and questionnaires in regards to the flood relief funds. Disaster inventory continues throughout the city.

The Fire Department received 122 calls in September. ISO Evaluations were completed (ISO pertains to how fire departments are graded on their personnel, training, practices, equipment, exercise. The grading scale is 1 (best) to 10 (worst)) The Pryor Fire Department’s current ISO grade is a 4.

September was a busy month for The Pryor Creek Golf Course with charitable events and fundraisers at the course.  United Way claimed that their event at the course was the biggest one this year. Special thanks to Thunderbird for coming out and helping at the course.

The Library staff is gearing up for the 2020 Census coming up and encourages everyone to take part. The Library will be hosting “Scary Old Timer Radio Shows” on Thursday October 10th at 6:30pm.

2.       New Design for the Library and the Fire and Police Emergency Center


Jim Graber, the architect hired to design bond projects, presented the Library additions as well as the new Fire and Police Emergency Center design.


- 2 meeting rooms added to the East side of the building that could be separate or combined for a bigger venue.

-Project room where adults and kids can do projects. It will also include a 3D Printer and can also be used as a meeting room.

-2 Separate offices and break room

-4 small study rooms for teenagers or adults to work in.

-Court yards will be created to enjoy the outdoors while at the Library

-Creating a different roof line to not only give a better curb appeal but also to fix the leak issues the flat roof creates.

-New signage out front.

Fire and Police Emergency Center:

-Fencing around the entire back side of the facility with electronic gates for security.

-East side will be the Fire Department. It will house sleeping arrangement for up to 8 firefighters as well as an eating and kitchen area. The east side will also house the drive thru truck bays and the vehicle wash (both departments will utilize).

-West side will be Police Department. It will contain 3 jail cells, offices, and a Sally Port (enclosed port to bring prisoners in securely).

-Down the center will be an area for the public to enter. It will have a commons area, restrooms, meeting rooms, and an exercise area for staff.


3.       Clarifications and Discussion over the Economic Development Trust Indenture

Christie Littlefield and Kim Ritchie answered questions and concerns of the council members regarding the Economic Development Authority (EDA). Christie explained that an EDA is set up for long terms needs of the City. She and Mr. Ritchie explained that the trustees in the EDA only have the power that the City Council gives them. The trustees cannot take city funds and do with them as they please, they are bound by council approval. It is the job of the EDA to assist the city with projects. Mr. Ritchie reiterated that the EDA would operate a lot like the PPWA does in regards to securing loans. The loans are given based on the EDA’s word; there is no security really for the banks other than their word. That is why individuals that have experience and knowledge on how these things work (ie. CPA, Lawyer, Banker, …) should be appointed as trustees. The trust will only be able to get a loan that the Council or a vote of the citizens approves because the only way they can pay the loan back is thru funds the city gives them. They also explained to the Council how a TIF works and how it is a compact or agreement between the city, state, and county since it is reimbursed by Property tax money. Mr. Ritchie stated that TIFs are not easy to obtain and must go through a long scrutinized process before qualified. Both council members Doyle and Sherman expressed the need that the individuals selected for the EDA be very well versed, educated, and experienced in these areas. Doyle also expressed the fact that as a council they need to have a plan and vision in place to give to this task force. He also stated that it should be a requirement that the trust authority give the council a quarterly update. Mr. Ritchie expressed concern over putting stringent guidelines as to who could be appointed to the trust. He stated that a too narrow a field with our limited number of resources (citizens) could create a problem for ourselves in finding qualified individuals.

4.       Upcoming Downtown Events

There are three upcoming events that will be taking place Downtown. City Council approved road closures in the downtown are for the 3 following events:

Pryor Downtown Trick or Treating – October 31st from 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Turkey Trot 5K & Fun Run – November 9th from 8:45am to 10:30am (sponsored by the Pryor Academic Excellence Foundation)

Festival of Lights – November 14th from 5:30pm to 9:00pm (sponsored by the Pryor Area Arts and Humanities Council and Pryor Main Street)

5.       New Play Features for the Splash Pad

City Council approved expenditures not to exceed $12,950.00 to Power Play for the purchase of some new splash pad features to the Whitaker Park Splash Pad. Since the splash pad is now closed for the season these new features will be added to enjoy during the next open season.