city council meeting graphic

PRYOR, Oklahoma - Pryor City Council met in an open meeting on Tuesday, October 5 , 2021. Council member Dennis Nance was not present at the meeting.

Librarian Cari Rerat said that construction is officially underway. A lot of demolition has started and there is even a chain link fence surrounding the library at this time.

Recreation Center director Jessica Long said that the new awning looks amazing, she invited anyone who has not seen it to drive by and take a look. They are about to start seeking bids for the roof. The information will be published for 30 days and bids will be open for another 30 days.

The street department’s Buddy Glenn said they have been working on sidewalks in the Irving street area and are hoping this set of sidewalks is the last of the season.

Hillcrest Hospital Pryor’s President, Doug Weaver addressed the council. He said that in the last 16-17 months they have tested around 4,000 people for Covid. In August 2021 alone over 450 people came into the hospital to be tested for Covid. In Mayes County since the inception of reporting there have been 6,015 Covid cases, sadly 99 of those people have passed away. They are seeing younger kids come in more and more, but Weaver said that he thinks and hopes we are on the downhill slide. Weaver also stated that 98% of those who are put on a ventilator never get off of one. The hospital was awarded $1 million. They updated some AC and heating as well as generators that had been there since the original building of the hospital in the 1970’s.

There was a discussion regarding an outdoor pool. Several options were discussed. One is fixing the current pool where it is at. The concern in doing this is just patching a larger issue. This would also not bring up the surrounding building to ADA code. The second option is to make a brand new pool in the same area where the current pool already sits. This option was not discussed much. The third option is to move an outdoor pool to the rec. center. This was the most discussed option. The concerns were where the funding would come from.

Council voted to accept the rate increase from MUB for both natural gas and water. The hike will affect all of those within the city limits of Pryor.

The City Council meetings are open to the public and as a citizen you have the right to bring things before the council. In order to be placed on the agenda you can reach out to the city clerk via phone or by stopping into City Hall.

If you wish to watch the City Council meetings they can be found online on the City’s website. The City is also offering live streams through YouTube via their channel.