The PIP Contributors


Ron Dryden

Ron Dryden was born in Stratford, Oklahoma in 1949. His family moved to Pryor in 1960. He graduated from PHS in 1967. He attended NSU and graduated with a degree in Language Arts Education and a minor in Art.

Ron taught 41 years in Pryor and Delaware County teaching adult education classes in Pryor in addition to his assignments at PJH and PHS. He retired in 2012. He currently teaches private art lessons and volunteers with the Pryor Area Arts and Humanities Council, Telluride Film Festival, and the International Folk Art Market in Sante Fe. He sings whenever allowed to do so, but mostly in his church choir.


Becki Hawkins

Becki Hawkins started as a nurse’s aide in 1971, became a registered nurse, worked in oncology, hospice, and home health/hospice care. She later became a hospice chaplain and hospice volunteer.

Becki is now a speaker who shares her experience with hospice and oncology professionals nationwide. She writes a column and is working on her second book. She still visits patients on occasion, as a friend.


Kathy LaValley

Kathy has been a resident of Pryor (this last time) since 1991. She graduated from Pryor High School, received a Bachelor of Science from Northeastern State University, and a Master of Science from Oklahoma State University.

Kathy has lived in several different states and cities in Oklahoma, but calls Pryor home. She retired from the Department of Human Service after 26 years.

Her husband, Richard Milius, along with a few faithful volunteers, started Saving Whiskers and Tails Pet Rescue in 2016. Richard and Kathy love to travel when they can find a break from SWAT. They have visited all but 8 states in the US and have spent time in 11 different countries.


Contributors Articles


Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor graduated from Pryor High School in 2000 with the lowest possible GPA, on purpose. Among other things he paid off the yearbook committee to have his name and pictures removed from the yearbook.

Thankfully he grew out of that stage of his life just over six years ago when he married the love of his life, Sarah. Together they have seven kids (his, hers, ours).

Chris currently covers the Kansas City Chiefs for a major online publication, His stuff has been read on Bleacher Report and can be found regularly on Google's front page.

He has also covered the Kansas Jayhawks in the past and was Nationally recognized by them in 2018. An occasional appearance on local radio station The Sports Animal where Chris talks Chiefs news can be heard from time to time as well.



Autumn Graybill

Autumn Graybill is the co-owner and CFO of TNS Trucking Inc. in Pryor, Oklahoma. She grew up in Broken Arrow where she graduated with honors in 1999. Autumn has lived in Pryor for the past 8 years and through her church has volunteered with Thunderbird Youth Academy. She also volunteers time through a local Jeep club doing food and toy drives for needy families, raising funds for cancer awareness, and helping veterans.

She is a stepmother to two boys ages 14 and 5 and regularly volunteers at their school. Autumn is a former 2019 Pryor Mayoral candidate and pleased to assist in making sure that the citizens of our wonderful town of Pryor stay informed of city government affairs. After the election, Autumn has continued to be plugged in with our local city government and community.


Mary Lawson

Mary Lawson learned to love treasure hunting at flea markets and garage sales by going with her mom. "Even now I find a piece that Mom and I picked up to add to our many ‘collections’ and it brings back happy memories!"

Seeing potential in just about anything, Lawson loves to re-purpose pieces someone else might throw in the trash. In fact, she has been known to rescue a piece right out of the trash!

Her home and her new adventure, The House With The Blue Door, are both full of delightful finds from garage sales, flea markets and her newest passion, estate sales! We hope you'll enjoy learning how to work your own "trash magic" as she shares ideas with The PIP.


Missy Nicholas

I’m Missy Nicholas. I am the 9th of 10 children, the wife of a heat & air man who loves cattle ranching and the mamma to one fascinating little girl.

I am a professional psycho-therapist, an amateur photographer and a lifelong writer.

I am a person of passion but not impulse. I have a strong belief in the power and necessity of change but I address change with great apprehension. I am a public speaker and occasional teacher. I am content but ambitious. I am compassionate but not inclined to pity. I believe in responsibility and celebrate spontaneity. I love the outdoors but only if I’m comfortable. I cultivate relationship and cherish solitude. I test as an introvert but was raised in a crowd. I love to travel but am always grateful to return home. I am daring but not fearless. I am confident though I lack certainty.

My heart beats in poetic rhythm while my mind seeks concrete solution. I am a mix of beautifully flawed contradictions. I am committed to seeking earnestly that which is truth and desire absolutely that which is God.

I inherited Pryor with my “I do’s” and have now called it home for over 12 years. I am the author of one published book, Letters to Love and am working on my second book and also writes for my blog


Samantha Williams

Samantha Williams is an alumni of Southern Methodist University where she studied journalism and early elementary education. In recent years, Samantha has been editing books and working in the travel industry. However, her love has always been writing and she is thrilled to be working with The PiP.

She is a Norman native through and through and now calls Pryor home. When she isn’t reading, writing, or editing Samantha enjoys spending time with her husband and sons. Her interests include Sooner football, traveling, and keeping up with current events.


Bob Webster

Bob Webster has lived in or around Pryor most years since he was three, when his father, Don Webster, became band director at Pryor. Bob attended Pryor Public Schools, along with his two brothers and two sisters, making 4.0 in the first grade and graduating in 1974.

After a couple of Computer Science degrees at Oklahoma State, Bob worked at Amoco in Tulsa for a year and a half before moving back to Pryor, and has not held a normal job since. Bob and his wife Cathy have three children: Brian, Steven, and Melinda.