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PRYOR, Oklahoma ~ Over the last few months one question seems to continue to come up, "Who is responsible for the overspending on the Library Expansion and new Police/Fire Emergency Center?" Most fingers seem to be pointing to the Mayor, with those fingers stating "the Mayor is the Chief Exe…

PRYOR, Oklahoma ~ Years ago I was at a conference in Birmingham, AL. This particular day I found myself in a room with a panel of ministry leaders. They were there to discuss marriage and family in ministry. I had a marriage and family so I was curious to what they would all say. It was most…

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PRYOR, Oklahoma - Mayes County, along with much of Oklahoma, experienced thunder sleet along with other winter precipitation on Monday and Tuesday. 

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CLAREMORE, Oklahoma ~ A year of activities, highlighted by plans for expansion and renovation of Will Rogers Memorial Museum opened the year for Museum staff outlining a bevy of events for the next 12 months. For details and updates visit 

PRYOR, Oklahoma ~ President Theodore Roosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” I know this was always true in my own life. I can only remember the teachers and coaches that meant something to me (and one that was extremely mean). None of th…

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PRYOR, Oklahoma - Life is sometimes made most enjoyable by the little threads that thread throughout pieces of our lives.